Jarvis@Home The version history

Changes Log

Date Version Description
28/02/2018 2.5.1
  • Improvement of the Jarvis reactivity
  • Bugfix of the httpServerStop & VoiceRecognitionStop actions
  • Bugfix of the group name that was not saved
  • Bugfix of the stop action in the notification area
23/02/2018 2.5
  • New: Configurations Overview for Variables & Synonyms (directly editable)
  • Bugfix: Fix an infinite loop when the login/password is incorrect
13/02/2018 2.4
  • New: The scenarios/actions can be executed to a remote device (notification, TTS, openUrl, tasker, etc...)
  • New: Support of Android TV
  • New: More available actions in the Free version
  • New: Options added in the Application settings to choose which service must be started at launch (Http Server and/or Voice Recognition)
  • New: New action to generate notification with vibration pattern
  • New: Adding Google Translation toolbar to the interface
  • Bugfix: Rework of the Volume management
  • Bugfix: system.lastSpeech now returns the TTS sentences
  • Bugfix: Fix Kill action
  • Bugfix: Multiple bugfix
03/12/2017 2.3.1
  • Bugfix: Possible crash when using TTS
02/12/2017 2.3.0
  • New: bluetooth support
31/10/2017 2.2.0
  • New: Add the "Grid" page. To share a configuration through multiple Jarvis@Home
  • New: Add the Up action to change the order of lists when it missed
  • Bugfix: A template configuration didn't worked if the user click on save without filling the "equipement" variable
  • Bugfix: Fix a UI problem with the user/password settings in the HttpGet/HttpPost actions
  • Bugfix: Remove the http Url for comment action, it was useless
  • Bugfix: Change in the configuration "Ecoute Non Permanente 1.0.1.jarvis", replace kill action by stopVoiceRecognition. The kill action causes trouble on some devices
13/10/2017 2.1.4
  • Bugfix: Fix the function system.ssid()
09/10/2017 2.1.3
  • Bugfix: Fix the variables replacement in the template
07/10/2017 2.1.2
  • New: Butler (Kind) it replaces the Strict one... he was too strict :)
  • Bugfix: Settings were not saved without a restart of Jarvis@Home
01/10/2017 2.1.1
  • New: system.name() fonction, which return the name set in the settings
  • Bugfix: Voice recognition was stopped after a delay
28/09/2017 2.1.0
  • New: Template Configuration & Configuration Generator
  • New: Butler Configuration fully reworked and 2 butlers available with 2 differents characters (Strict or Wize)
  • New: "else" can be used in a condition
  • New: SetVariable + executeScenario actions are now available in the free version
  • New: Add a delay option in the event: whenSentenceReceivedButNothingMatch
  • Bugfix: The state notification was not working
26/08/2017 2.0.8
  • New: Nestor config is now installed by default
  • New: "How to Start" documentation
  • New: Basic Authentication added to Http Get action
  • New: Http Post action is added
10/08/2017 2.0.6
  • New: in API: jsonParse method to decode json results
  • New: in API: jsonParse method to decode json results
  • New: First test with android watch
06/08/2017 2.0.5
  • New: Possibility to use variables inside Tasker parameters
  • New: Android Wear support
04/08/2017 2.0.4
  • Bugfix when loading a Tasker action
30/07/2017 2.0.3
  • Fix the API Http doc display
  • Add the API for strings
  • Fix the action urls after edition
  • Fix the Tasker parameters
  • The "SetVariable" action is now free
02/07/2017 2.0.2
  • Fix a problem when a discussion was started from a scenario
  • Add a parameter to select the audio stream for the voice
29/06/2017 2.0.1
  • Fix a problem when a discussion was started from a scenario
  • There was a problem if you enabled or disabled a configuration. If you get some troubles with a configuration, you have to export, then re-import it to solve the problem
27/06/2017 2.0.0.b
  • Add logs to improve bugs correction
  • Fix the pb explaining you are using the free version
  • Add WeekDayName and MonthName function
24/06/2017 2.0.0
  • Predefined Configurations available at: http://jarvishome.fr
  • Scenarios
  • Tasker compatible
  • Variables
  • etc..
14/03/2017 1.3.8
  • Fix a crash when starting on some devices
23/02/2017 1.3.7
  • Fix to handle long voice command
23/02/2017 1.3.6
  • Update to handle the new version of the Google application
28/01/2017 1.3.5
  • Bug fix
28/01/2017 1.3.5
  • Bug fix
26/01/2017 1.3.4
  • Bug fix
14/01/2017 1.3.2
  • New setting to start Jarvis after a reboot
  • New setting to do accept the online recognition
  • Update to improve the stability
  • Little Bug fix
14/01/2017 1.3.1
  • Bug fix
14/01/2017 1.3
  • Bug fix
01/01/2017 1.2
  • Bug fix
01/01/2017 1.2
  • Bug fix
30/12/2016 1.1
  • Bug fix
28/12/2016 1.0
  • First version after 5 monthes of development!! wouahou!!