Jarvis@Home Help for starters

  • Install the application: Jarvis@Home v2
  • To ease the configuration, be sure to be connected to a Wifi network
  • Launch it, then click on the Start button
  • You should be able to say "Hello", "What time is it", or "Could you repeat" to Jarvis@Home. He should reply, if not refer to the page Troubleshoots
  • Go to the url above the STOP button (it is recommended to use a desktop computer to have a larger screen)
  • The default login: "admin" with the password: "jarvis", you can change this in the application settings
  • You should see somehting like that: (If the configuration "Nestor" is not present, download it from http://jarvishome.fr and upload it with )
  • Then click on the button: . This will open the "Nestor" configuration
  • A popup will ask you to fill some required variables. Replace http://www.google.com by your homeserver page.
    You can also give a different name to your butler ("alfred" for example) or let it Nestor as default name. Then click on "Save"
  • (For the Pro version only) Configure Jarvis@Home to start automatically your homerserver page.
    Click on in the upper right of the page, and select "Settings"
    Then configure the settings like:
  • Restart Jarvis@Home and say "Nestor, show me the homepage", your homeserver page should be displayed
  • From now the Nestor configuration is complete. You can say: "Nestor, How are you?", "Nestor, I like Jarvis", followed by: "Nestor, How are you?", finally you will be obliged to say: "Sorry"
  • Come back to the Configuration Level, and download the "Portal" configuration from http://jarvishome.fr
  • Select then Upload the new Portal configuration to your Jarvis@Home
  • Once uploaded, open the Portal configuration
  • Then fill the urls to open or close the portal (+ the url for ligths if you have ligths on your portal) and set the same name for your butler than in the "Nestor" configuration, then click on Save
  • Restart Jarvis@Home and say "Nestor, open the portal". The request to your home automation server will be done.
    If not, you can click on then select "Logs / Live Logs" to see the URL send to your homeserver.
  • You can import more configurations, create your own from scratch or duplicate/edit an existing configuration
  • For more details on the configuration refer to the documentation
  • If you have fixed/edited/created some configurations which can be useful for others. Thanks to send them to contact@jarvishome.fr