Jarvis@Home The version history

Changes Log

Date Version Description
06/09/2018 2.6.2
  • Bugfix: Notifications on Android Oreo
  • 03/09/2018 2.6.1
    • New: Add actions startCamera/stopCamera + snapshot API
    • Bugfix: actions HttpGet/HttpPost waitForResult didn't work
    • Bugfix of the SetVariable action
    30/08/2018 2.6
    • New: Add 'Group Name' attribute in the settings
    • New: Send messages/actions/notifications/TTS to another Jarvis phone (or group of phones) through the cloud. The phones must be declared in the grid section, then on an action you can select it to execute the message remotely
    • New: Action 'RefreshLastLocation' to update the GPS location returned by the function: system.lastLocation() (You must grant the GPS rights for the application)
    • New: Action 'OpenMap' to open a map from a location point
    • New: From an action, 'On Caller_Device' will send back a message to the phone/tablet who executed the scenario remotely
    • New: Configuration 'Localization of XXXXX' which allow to get remotely (and silently) the location of a phone
    • Bugfix in Jarvis behavior
    28/02/2018 2.5.1
    • Improvement of the Jarvis reactivity
    • Bugfix of the httpServerStop & VoiceRecognitionStop actions
    • Bugfix of the group name that was not saved
    • Bugfix of the stop action in the notification area
    23/02/2018 2.5
    • New: Configurations Overview for Variables & Synonyms (directly editable)
    • Bugfix: Fix an infinite loop when the login/password is incorrect
    13/02/2018 2.4
    • New: The scenarios/actions can be executed to a remote device (notification, TTS, openUrl, tasker, etc...)
    • New: Support of Android TV
    • New: More available actions in the Free version
    • New: Options added in the Application settings to choose which service must be started at launch (Http Server and/or Voice Recognition)
    • New: New action to generate notification with vibration pattern
    • New: Adding Google Translation toolbar to the interface
    • Bugfix: Rework of the Volume management
    • Bugfix: system.lastSpeech now returns the TTS sentences
    • Bugfix: Fix Kill action
    • Bugfix: Multiple bugfix
    03/12/2017 2.3.1
    • Bugfix: Possible crash when using TTS
    02/12/2017 2.3.0
    • New: bluetooth support
    31/10/2017 2.2.0
    • New: Add the "Grid" page. To share a configuration through multiple Jarvis@Home
    • New: Add the Up action to change the order of lists when it missed
    • Bugfix: A template configuration didn't worked if the user click on save without filling the "equipement" variable
    • Bugfix: Fix a UI problem with the user/password settings in the HttpGet/HttpPost actions
    • Bugfix: Remove the http Url for comment action, it was useless
    • Bugfix: Change in the configuration "Ecoute Non Permanente 1.0.1.jarvis", replace kill action by stopVoiceRecognition. The kill action causes trouble on some devices
    13/10/2017 2.1.4
    • Bugfix: Fix the function system.ssid()
    09/10/2017 2.1.3
    • Bugfix: Fix the variables replacement in the template
    07/10/2017 2.1.2
    • New: Butler (Kind) it replaces the Strict one... he was too strict :)
    • Bugfix: Settings were not saved without a restart of Jarvis@Home
    01/10/2017 2.1.1
    • New: system.name() fonction, which return the name set in the settings
    • Bugfix: Voice recognition was stopped after a delay
    28/09/2017 2.1.0
    • New: Template Configuration & Configuration Generator
    • New: Butler Configuration fully reworked and 2 butlers available with 2 differents characters (Strict or Wize)
    • New: "else" can be used in a condition
    • New: SetVariable + executeScenario actions are now available in the free version
    • New: Add a delay option in the event: whenSentenceReceivedButNothingMatch
    • Bugfix: The state notification was not working
    26/08/2017 2.0.8
    • New: Nestor config is now installed by default
    • New: "How to Start" documentation
    • New: Basic Authentication added to Http Get action
    • New: Http Post action is added
    10/08/2017 2.0.6
    • New: in API: jsonParse method to decode json results
    • New: in API: jsonParse method to decode json results
    • New: First test with android watch
    06/08/2017 2.0.5
    • New: Possibility to use variables inside Tasker parameters
    • New: Android Wear support
    04/08/2017 2.0.4
    • Bugfix when loading a Tasker action
    30/07/2017 2.0.3
    • Fix the API Http doc display
    • Add the API for strings
    • Fix the action urls after edition
    • Fix the Tasker parameters
    • The "SetVariable" action is now free
    02/07/2017 2.0.2
    • Fix a problem when a discussion was started from a scenario
    • Add a parameter to select the audio stream for the voice
    29/06/2017 2.0.1
    • Fix a problem when a discussion was started from a scenario
    • There was a problem if you enabled or disabled a configuration. If you get some troubles with a configuration, you have to export, then re-import it to solve the problem
    27/06/2017 2.0.0.b
    • Add logs to improve bugs correction
    • Fix the pb explaining you are using the free version
    • Add WeekDayName and MonthName function
    24/06/2017 2.0.0
    • Predefined Configurations available at: http://jarvishome.fr
    • Scenarios
    • Tasker compatible
    • Variables
    • etc..
    14/03/2017 1.3.8
    • Fix a crash when starting on some devices
    23/02/2017 1.3.7
    • Fix to handle long voice command
    23/02/2017 1.3.6
    • Update to handle the new version of the Google application
    28/01/2017 1.3.5
    • Bug fix
    28/01/2017 1.3.5
    • Bug fix
    26/01/2017 1.3.4
    • Bug fix
    14/01/2017 1.3.2
    • New setting to start Jarvis after a reboot
    • New setting to do accept the online recognition
    • Update to improve the stability
    • Little Bug fix
    14/01/2017 1.3.1
    • Bug fix
    14/01/2017 1.3
    • Bug fix
    01/01/2017 1.2
    • Bug fix
    01/01/2017 1.2
    • Bug fix
    30/12/2016 1.1
    • Bug fix
    28/12/2016 1.0
    • First version after 5 monthes of development!! wouahou!!