Jarvis@Home Help to start


  • Install the application: Jarvis@Home v2
  • To ease the configuration, be sure to be connected to a Wifi network
  • Launch it, then click on the Start button
  • You should be able to say "Hello", "What time is it", or "Could you repeat" to Jarvis@Home. He should reply, if not refer to the page Troubleshoots
  • Go to the url above the STOP button (it is recommended to use a desktop computer to have a larger screen)
  • The default login: "admin" with the password: "jarvis", you can change this in the application settings
  • You should see somehting like that: (If the configuration "Butler" is not present, download it from http://jarvishome.fr and upload it with )
  • Then click on the button: . This will open the "Butler" configuration
  • A popup will ask you to fill some required variables. Replace http://www.google.com by your homeserver page.
    You can also give a different name to your butler ("alfred" for example) or let it Nestor as default name. Then click on "Save"
  • (For the Pro version only) Configure Jarvis@Home to start automatically your homerserver page.
    Click on in the upper right of the page, and select "Settings"
    Then configure the settings like:
  • Restart Jarvis@Home and say "Nestor, show me the homepage", your homeserver page should be displayed
  • From now, the Butler configuration is complete. You can say: "Nestor, How are you?", "Nestor, I like Jarvis", followed by: "Nestor, How are you?", finally you will be obliged to say: "Sorry"
  • Come back to the Configuration Level, and download the "Template Open/Close" configuration from http://jarvishome.fr
  • Select then Upload the new "Template Open/Close" configuration to your Jarvis@Home
  • Once uploaded, open the "Template Open/Close" configuration
  • Give the equipment name you want to control. Specify the different names you want to use (separated by comma).
    Give the place name (optional) where the equipment is. Enter all the names that you want to use for this place (separated by comma)
  • Then fill the urls to open/close the roller shutter
    and set the same name for your butler than in the "Nestor" configuration, then click on Save
  • Restart Jarvis@Home and say "Nestor, open the roller in the bedroom of Tom". The request to your home automation server will be done.
    If not, you can click on then select "Logs / Live Logs" to see the URL send to your homeserver.
  • Now you can import again the templates configurations and generates more configurations.
    You can change the Jarvis@Home sentences by clicking on the Speech Menu.
  • For more details on the configuration refer to the documentation
  • You can also change the butler behavior, everything is customizable in the configuration, or download a new Butler configuration, there are different butler with different reactions. You can have only one Butler configuration enabled in the same time!
  • If you have fixed/edited/created some configurations which can be useful for others. Thanks to send them to contact@jarvishome.fr


It is recommended to create a configuration: "My Variables" where you can create global variables. Here are some examples of variables you could use.
  • HTTP_SERVER: system.ssid() == "MonWifi" ? "" : "https://ExternalIPAdress.com"
  • If you use jeedom: HTTP_JEEDOM_CMD: HTTP_SERVER + "/core/api/jeeApi.php?apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX&type=cmd&id="