Jarvis@Home Known problems



  • Check the application "Google" is up to date
  • Check the application "Google Text-to-Speech" is up to date
  • After the updates are done, you have to force the download of the last offline language pack. (if you already have one, uninstall it first)
  • Go to Android Settings -> Voice Input & Output -> Text-to-Speech settings and check that the voice matches the phone language. You can change the phone language in Android Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Select language.
  • Do a reboot.
  • With some phones there is a setting: "Battery Manager / Protected Apps". You must activate this option for Jarvis@Home.
  • If you are using a voxygen voice, you must also protect it through: "Advanced Settings / Battery Manager / Protected Apps".
  • In your settings, check there is no battery optimizer that will kill Jarvis@Home after a while
  • Check the Permissions for Jarvis@Home in your "Settings / Apps", they should be all checked


Your tasks are not visible or aren't executed
It is required to give the rights to Jarvis@Home to accede Tasker.
You need to launch tasker, then in the settings, check: Preferences / Misc / Allow External Access If Tasker was installed after Jarvis@Home, you must uninstall Jarvis@Home then re-install it (Don't forget to do a backup of all your configurations with the button: )


Do not touch of the volume when the application is running.
The volume was set to zero to not have some bips signaling the application is waiting for an hotword.
When the application will be stopped, the initial volume will be reset.
It is possible to change the volume of the Jarvis@Home voice by creating an action "ChangeVolume" inside a scenario.

Android Wear Smartwatch

The Jarvis@Home application is not available on the watch
Launch the "Play Store" application on your watch. Search Jarvis@Home in the list of the applications then install it.
If the application Jarvis@Home is not present, uninstall Jarvis@Home on your mobile (after a backup of all your configurations with the button: ) then reinstall it.